Customer Service

Customer Service

Our mission is to encourage the use of environmentally friendly products, promote recycling efforts, and support organic living endeavors at home. We sell and promote the Urban Composter TumblerTM to support our mission. The manufacturing facility for the Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5 is located in Westminster, California and the Urban Compost Tumbler 7.3 is manufactured in Moore, South Carolina. We ship directly from these facilities to the customer by either UPS or FedEx ground. We reserve the right to refuse any order.www.Composters.Net is owned and maintained by Urban Composting.


We ship UPS or FedEx Ground and unless special arrangements are made, we do not ship outside the United States (lower-48 states). All shipping prices that are included in our price only apply to the lower-48 states. Shipments are made via UPS ground service and typically ship within 3-5 working days from the time an order is received. When a product ships, we send an email to the customer giving them the tracking number. It typically takes an 3-5 days shipping days for delivery.

Note that when the price for a product indicates that “shipping is included or free”, it means shipping to the 48-States in the Continental United States and then to standard destinations. If you are shipping to destinations outside the 48-States or to a non-standard destination, please email us with the address and ask for shipping prices.

For customer convenience, products are shipped without requiring a signature for receipt unless the customer requests the signature be required. Once the shipping company records delivery of a product it is considered delivered and the customer accepts responsibility for the product. If this is not acceptable, the customer must be sure to request a signature be required when they place their order.

Many people do not understand some of the potential charges involved in shipping so it is important to review this. Under some circumstances additional shipping fees and shipping charges will apply. Because of high volumes and containerization used by large shippers such as UPS and FedEx, once they pickup a shipment it goes practically all the way to its destination and can rarely be truly diverted or stopped. All additional fees and shipping charges are charged back to the customer. When that is necessary the additional costs are deducted from any refunds or we may request payment using this link. Special Payment Screen Some of the fees listed below are examples and UPS/FedEx may change their charges at any time.

Refuse, Stop, Return Shipment: To Refuse, Stop, or Return a shipment once a shipment is in UPS/FedEx custody, they charge the full shipping amount to its destination plus the same amount to return it plus a return/intercept fee of $11 to $14 per box. In some cases UC may not have originally charged the customer for the full shipping charges as a purchase incentive. On refused, stopped or returned shipments, UC charges back the actual/full shipping costs we are charged by UPS/FedEx to the customer (both directions) and applicable fees. For an example, all the shipping charges and fees for a stop/return of a UCT-9 can easily add up to $150 to $250 so customers should carefully consider this before canceling an order once it has shipped.

Address Correction: If an address needs to be corrected UPS/FedEx charges $14. An address correction is a change that clarifies or corrects the current address without really making it a new address. Basically it will still be delivered out of the same local UPS/FedEx hub. If not, it is a change of address and not a correction.

Re-Route or Change of Address: A change of address is about the same as re-route. UPS/FedEx charges a $14 fee for a re-route and $14 for change of address both plus shipping. Shipping charges are to the original address plus shipping from the original address to the new address. Try to avoid re-routes and change of addresses as they can get very expensive.


Be sure to inspect products carefully when you receive them as items can be damaged or lost in shipment. Visibly damaged items should be refused requiring the shipper to return the item. After delievery if you find damage or missing parts as a result of damage in shipping, be sure to notify the shipper within 24-hours and file a damage report claim with them. Once delivery has been accepted/received it is the customers responsibility to file a claim with the shipper. When possible take pictures of the damage and be sure to retain all packing materials. If no damage and/or missing parts claim is filed with the shipper then UGC must assume that everything arrived and was in acceptable condition.

Then, contact us and let us know so we can expedite getting a replacement to you. When you email us, be sure to include your shippers damage report number as without their damage report number we may not be much help in working with the shipper.


Urban Composting (UC) provides a limited 10-year warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for the Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5 that was sold by UC. UC does not cover warranty claims for products sold by the Urban Garden Center prior to 10/15/2010. Damage resulting from improper assembly, use or care is not covered. It is important to read and follow product information and guides that come with the product. To reduce waste, UC warranties require repair whenever reasonable rather than discarding of parts or products. The buyer/customer is responsible for assembly, installation of parts, and performing repairs as instructed. When under warranty, replacement products, parts, and/or repair materials are shipped to customers free of charge only to the 48-States in the Continental United States. Outside the 48-States the customer pays for shipping. To request warranty service, please contact us. In your email be sure to include the original name and address when the product was purchased and your current address with contact information.


Our only business is providing our customers with products they value and the service they expect. If you have product suggestions, recommendations on improving our service or this web site, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. contact us