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Urban Compost TumblerThe Urban Compost Tumbler makes compost in weeks, not months. It works 90% faster while requiring 75% less effort to compost. The key is Oxygen. Good aeration is the secret to getting quality compost, fast.

There are a number of composters on the market to choose from, ranging from compost bins, barrels, drums, and boxes to do-it-yourself chicken wire enclosures. Using the Urban Compost Tumbler has several distinct advantages over other composting options. Let me highlight some of them for you.

This Compost Tumbler is simple and durable. With this compost tumbler you don't need special tools to turn your compost weekly or daily. Simply rotate the tumbler on its vertical axis and all the mixing and aeration is done for you. The Urban Compost Tumbler does not have rollers, cranks, or gears that can become clogged and wear out over time. It is made from 100% recycled plastic that does not rust when left exposed to the elements.

Compost Tumbler Aeration

Our compost tumbler is more efficient than other compost bins. The core aeration tube is at the heart of the Urban Compost Tumbler’' efficiency and speed in turning your food and garden wastes into rich compost. Again, oxygen is the key and the Urban Compost Tumbler gets it into the mix better than any other composting product on the market.

The Urban Compost Tumbler is odor and near pest free, as well as kid safe. The Urban Compost Tumbler is a fully enclosed and elevated unit. This prohibits rodents, insects, children, and even the family dog from getting into the barrel and your compost. The lid screws on tight and the aeration tube at the bottom is closed with a mesh screen/grate.

Aids in moisture control in extra dry or rainy climates. Being an enclosed unit, the Urban Compost Tumbler is impervious to rain, helps to retain moisture in hot weather, and protects the material from the wind.

Portability. Unlike compost piles and most other composting products on the market, the Urban Compost Tumbler is portable, allowing it to be moved into a shed or onto a patio.

Aesthetically fits into your yard. In many urban settings, yards have been carefully landscaped and/or neighborhood associations have strongly encouraged aesthetics. The Urban Compost Tumbler is an unobtrusive addition to the yard, allowing a full range of composting activities without having a "barnyard" look, feel or smell.

Aside from the above mentioned advantages of the Urban Compost Tumbler (UCT9), using compost is environmentally beneficial and helps improve our waste disposal. Learn more about the benefits of composting.

Urban Compost Tumbler - Fastest, Most Convenient, Easiest, and Safest form of composting.

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Made in the U.S.A. of 100% recycled plastic. Except for the optional pivot rod sleeves, all plastic is primarily HDPE #2.

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